Through partnerships with local school districts and developers of unique modular curriculum, AlphaBEST delivers an engaging and exciting before/after school extended day program designed to encourage students to expand their personal horizons and meet their full potential. 

InZONE students participate in programs designed to elevate their performance and complement the typical school day, including:

  • Robotics Discovery
  • Bee Bot Robotics
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Digital Arts
  • Game Design
  • Wacky Tracks
  • AlphaBEST Fitness Zone: a prevention-driven fitness, health and wellness program
  • Drama
  • Visual Arts
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Spanish enrichment
  • Chinese Culture
  • French Culture
  • Sign Language
  • InZone and Site Created Clubs: USTA Tennis, Boot Camp, Jump Rope Rally and many more!

Daily homework assistance, snack and recreation are offered to all students.
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A Typical AlphaBEST Extended Day

Happy Hello

Homework Zone

Fitness Zone  

Literacy and Language Zone

Technology Zone  

Drama and Art Zone

Club Zone

Fond Farewell