The SummerZone program expands on the model and format of AlphaBEST’s school-year programs. SummerZone allows more time for students to investigate the five curriculum zones— technology, fitness, the arts, foreign language and literacy—through a variety of exciting projects, field trips and special events. This summer, children will explore a different U.S. state each week through ‘virtual travel’ including creative and engaging activities designed to build new knowledge, skills and talents. They will play innovative games, collaborate on group-learning projects and engage in fun recreational activities! SummerZone provides opportunities for children to be inspired, discover and learn over the critical summer months. Research shows that children who do not participate in summer learning activities are less likely to retain knowledge and skills from the previous school year. AlphaBEST Education proactively responds to these findings by developing SummerZone to minimize the harmful effects of the “summer slide” on children’s achievement and motivation to learn.

The transition between after school programming and SummerZone is seamless for participating schools. SummerZone staff receive additional training on the program’s curriculum, Area managers and site managers meet with each summer-location principal to discuss logistics and program expectations. Through highly coordinated efforts, SummerZone extends and expands the valuable learning opportunities provided by AlphaBEST during the school year.

Take a look at where we're headed this summer...

  • Hawaii
  • Colorado
  • Washington, DC
  • California
  • Great Smokey Mountains, TN
  • Washington State
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • New Orleans LA
  • New York