AlphaBEST’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values

AlphaBEST is a place that fuses learning and fun in all we do, and we are proud to be a leader in the after school field. We partner with cutting-edge providers to craft our engaging curriculum, and work hard to foster strong relationships with our students, families, school district partners, and among our employees.

However, we realized recently that our Mission and Vision statements – which are meant to define us, challenge us, and guide us – had become outdated, and that we also needed a strong set of Core Values that we could all rally around. We embarked on a project to update these things, talking with our employees as well as several parents and district partners in the process, and are extremely excited about where we landed. We wanted to share those with you today!:

Mission Statement: To partner with schools and families to engage children’s minds, expand their horizons, and provide parents with a sense of security.

Vision Statement: To lead the way in shaping the future generation to be problem solvers and collaborators, to be thoughtful and curious, by showing them that learning can be fun, engaging, and can happen anywhere. To achieve this goal, we set the bar for out-of-school time programs.

Core Values:

• We put children first. We take seriously our responsibility for influencing and educating thousands of students across the country every single day, arming them with skills they’ll use their whole lives.
• We value connection. AlphaBEST fosters connection: between employees, with our school and district partners, and with the families we serve. We’ve created an environment that encourages experimentation, collaboration, and teamwork.
• We are driven by innovation. We not only embrace change – we drive it. By keeping a pulse on the latest educational developments, we implement cutting-edge curriculum that is as fun and engaging as it is innovative and skill building.
• We are the BEST at what we do. Our commitment to continuous improvement allows us to deliver the highest quality of service.
• We lead with a “yes” mindset. We’re committed to extreme customer focus! We challenge ourselves to step outside our comfort zones and to have a can-do attitude.
• We make it right. We aren’t perfect, but we do aim to respond perfectly. When things don’t go as planned, we double down and make sure the situation is handled seamlessly – and that we learn from those missteps and avoid them going forward.
• We have fun. Our programs are structured to keep engagement front and center by fusing fun with learning in everything we do. We embrace the adage that education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.