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After School Appreciation Spotlights

Honoring Our Team During After School Appreciation Week

In honor of After School Professionals Appreciation Week, AlphaBEST Education would like to thank all of those who are dedicated to providing quality after school programs to students across the nation. We’ve selected several of our team members to spotlight for  exemplifying the AlphaBEST core values. We appreciate you!

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BETT 2019 Takeaways

London was buzzing at the end of January as the 2019 BETT show once again brought together hundreds of leading companies and startups, as well as tens of thousands of members of the global education community. AlphaBEST CEO, Judy Nee, was there and soaking up all there was to see and learn in the realm of fresh and innovative educational technologies.

“We go into these shows really keeping an eye out for what’s on the edge of innovation relating to technology programs for kids,” said Nee, who noted that seeking out new products and staying abreast of what’s on the horizon is vital.

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Discovering STEM with FIRST LEGO League Jr.

Green Mouse Academy (GMA)—a longtime AlphaBEST partner—has worked since 2010 to provide current and cutting-edge technology arts enrichment to AlphaBEST students. Through their team, AlphaBEST students participate in weekly enrichment activities that include coding, robotics, stop-motion animation and FIRST LEGO League Jr. challenges.

FIRST LEGO League Jr. is designed to introduce STEM concepts to kids ages 6 to 10 while exciting them through a brand they know and love—LEGO®. In 2016, GMA and AlphaBEST decided to take a further step to enhance the student experience by implementing a discovery form of the FIRST LEGO League Jr. program as a core Technology Arts experience.


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AlphaBEST Education and FableVision Announce Strategic Development Partnership to Tackle Summer Learning Loss

FableVision, an award-winning educational media and storytelling studio, to partner with AlphaBEST Education, the leading provider of after school and summer enrichment-based programming, to develop a story-themed summer camp program featuring best-selling author/illustrator duo Paul and Peter H. Reynolds’ book Going Places about creativity and invention.


AlphaBEST Education, a leading provider of after school and summer programs, and FableVision, an award-winning, educational media and storytelling company, have announced the development of the “Going Places” Summer Camp featuring the award-winning book by FableVision’s founders and twin brothers Paul and Peter H. Reynolds. The program will offer engaging, immersive activities and challenges based on the book’s themes, which illustrate the critical life skills advocated by the Partnership for 21st Century Learning – known as the “4Cs” – communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.


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Forbes Names AlphaBEST A 2018 Best Employer For New Grads

Forbes named AlphaBEST Education a Best Employer For New Grads. AlphaBEST is ranked #121 of 250 companies included on the list. Other companies recognized include LinkedIn, JetBlue Airways, and Google.

AlphaBEST was the only after school enrichment company to be named among the top 200 companies on the list.

“We’re incredibly proud to be recognized as a Forbes Best Employer For New Grads,” said Judy Nee, CEO of AlphaBEST, which employs more than 1,800 employees. “We work to develop curriculum that sets the bar within the world of after school, but without amazing employees to deliver that curriculum, we fall short. We know recruiting – and keeping – top talent is key for us to continue to bring best-in-class programs to our school district partners and families across the country.”

This is the first year Forbes has issued its Best Employers For New Grads list, partnering with Statista to anonymously survey 10,000 Americans with less than a decade of professional experience who work for businesses with at least 1,000 employees. Survey participants were asked to rank companies on criteria including salary, how likely they’d be to recommend the organization to others, and working conditions, and they were also encouraged to nominate other employers within their industry to be considered for the list.

The full Forbes 2018 Best Employers For New Grads list can be found here.

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The 4C’s: The Skill Set AlphaBEST’s Curriculum Is Built Upon

A few years ago, The Partnership for 21st Century Skills released a list of four skills they determined as being necessary for success (in college, career, and citizenship) for students today. AlphaBEST sees the critical importance of these skills, and so we’ve incorporated the 4C’s into our curriculum, ensuring that students will be given the chance to hone all four of these skills while they’re part of our programming.
The 4C’s are:

1. Communication – sharing thoughts, questions, ideas, and solutions
2. Collaboration – working together to reach a goal – putting talent, expertise, and smarts to work
3. Critical Thinking – looking at problems in a new way, linking learning across subjects and disciplines
4. Creativity – trying new approaches to get things done equals innovation and invention

After school is the ideal time to engage students in curriculum that is rich in the 4C’s, which is why AlphaBEST fosters these skills in all we do!

AlphaBEST Emphasizes Movement For Both Physical And Mental Strength

At AlphaBEST, we value movement — and not just because getting energy out is important after a long day in the classroom.

Not only can fitness improve students’ memory and learning, there’s also a connection between physical activity and the development of the structure of the brain during childhood.

“Researchers…found that physical activity is also associated with improved white matter integrity. In two separate studies…researchers found that physical activity improved the white matter integrity of physically fit children aged 9 to 10. White matter integrity is linked to faster neural conduction between brain regions and superior cognitive performance.” – Psychology Today, “Why Is Physical Activity So Good for Your Brain?”, September 2014
We keep students moving at AlphaBEST with activities like tennis, basketball, Sabakiball, four square, and more!

We Prioritize Homework Help

At AlphaBEST, we aim to be true partners to the families and school district we serve. We want to be part of your community, and take seriously our responsibility to be part of our students’ lives.

Part of this partnership means helping our students get their homework done at AlphaBEST every day so that evenings are smoother and easier once everyone is home. That’s why we prioritize homework time daily.

Each day at our program, your child is given time to complete homework (and ask our staff questions in the process). And if your child either doesn’t have homework or finishes early, we have fun, educational activities for him or her to participate in while the other students work on their homework.

AlphaBEST Education is Proud To Serve 22,000+ Families Each Day!

Did you know that more than 22,000 families across 11 states use AlphaBEST as their trusted provider for extended day programs? It’s all thanks to our family and school district partners! Because they put their trust in AlphaBEST every day after school, we have been able to share our programs with more students in more school districts across the country.

AlphaBEST has been serving schools and families since 2005, and since then we’ve grown our programs, staff, curriculum, and students to become a leader in the after school space. Just as we value the safety and well-being of the students in our programs, AlphaBEST also values our partnership with each school, recognizing we are a guest in their space! We currently operate in over 320 elementary and middle schools, and those partnerships are extremely important to us. AlphaBEST is proud to say we’ve never we’ve never lost a school district partner in 12 years of operation, and we hold that merit in high regard.

AlphaBEST’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values

AlphaBEST is a place that fuses learning and fun in all we do, and we are proud to be a leader in the after school field. We partner with cutting-edge providers to craft our engaging curriculum, and work hard to foster strong relationships with our students, families, school district partners, and among our employees.

However, we realized recently that our Mission and Vision statements – which are meant to define us, challenge us, and guide us – had become outdated, and that we also needed a strong set of Core Values that we could all rally around. We embarked on a project to update these things, talking with our employees as well as several parents and district partners in the process, and are extremely excited about where we landed. We wanted to share those with you today!:

Mission Statement: To partner with schools and families to engage children’s minds, expand their horizons, and provide parents with a sense of security.

Vision Statement: To lead the way in shaping the future generation to be problem solvers and collaborators, to be thoughtful and curious, by showing them that learning can be fun, engaging, and can happen anywhere. To achieve this goal, we set the bar for out-of-school time programs.

Core Values:

• We put children first. We take seriously our responsibility for influencing and educating thousands of students across the country every single day, arming them with skills they’ll use their whole lives.
• We value connection. AlphaBEST fosters connection: between employees, with our school and district partners, and with the families we serve. We’ve created an environment that encourages experimentation, collaboration, and teamwork.
• We are driven by innovation. We not only embrace change – we drive it. By keeping a pulse on the latest educational developments, we implement cutting-edge curriculum that is as fun and engaging as it is innovative and skill building.
• We are the BEST at what we do. Our commitment to continuous improvement allows us to deliver the highest quality of service.
• We lead with a “yes” mindset. We’re committed to extreme customer focus! We challenge ourselves to step outside our comfort zones and to have a can-do attitude.
• We make it right. We aren’t perfect, but we do aim to respond perfectly. When things don’t go as planned, we double down and make sure the situation is handled seamlessly – and that we learn from those missteps and avoid them going forward.
• We have fun. Our programs are structured to keep engagement front and center by fusing fun with learning in everything we do. We embrace the adage that education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.