Summer Learning

Gear Up for SummerZone: Summer Enrichment Program

It’s that time of the year again: summer is approaching, students are anxiously awaiting its arrival and parents are searching for a safe environment for their children to learn and have fun during the summer break.

Gear Up for SummerZone: Summer Enrichment Program

Our SummerZone summer enrichment program is designed to engage students in exciting learning experiences as well as prevent the summer “brain drain“. Each summer, we select a special theme for students to explore, and this summer they are joining the Alpha-Agency! Students will experience fitness, technology arts, drama, music, foreign language and team building as they unlock a series of mysteries around the globe.

Do you think your child will enjoy being a detective for the summer? View our SummerZone locations and registration dates. We promise your child an action-packed summer vacation!

SummerZone: Preventing the Brain Slide

We’ve all heard the staggering statistics: most students who do not engage in educational activities during the summer lose about two months of grade-level math skills. The numbers are even worse among low-income students, who also lose more than two months in reading achievement. These students are also more likely to gain weight at a faster rate during summer break.

AlphaBEST SummerZone summer learning programs are designed to prevent the summer brain slide.Fortunately, summer learning programs have been developed to prevent the loss of academic knowledge over summer break, also known as the summer brain slide. Research has proven that high-quality summer learning programs improve students’ academic achievement and readiness to learn. These programs are designed to excite and motivate students through enriching learning experiences.

AlphaBEST’s summer learning programs expand on the model of our school-year programs. During SummerZone, students receive extra time to investigate the five curriculum zones – technology, fitness, the arts, foreign language and literacy. This summer, students will explore a different U.S. state each week through ‘virtual travel’ including creative and engaging activities designed to build new knowledge, skills and talents. They will play innovative games, collaborate on group-learning projects and engage in fun recreational activities. Our goal is to provide opportunities for students to be inspired, discover and learn over the critical summer months.

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