PCard Tutorials


Are you ready to learn more about the AlphaBEST purchasing card system? The following videos were created to walk through the processes of logging in, coding, and uploading receipts. 


Logging In:

This video steps you through the process of logging into the P-card site including entering your password and your memorable word.


Click here to log into IntelliLink!


Coding Purchases:

This video walks through the entire process of coding purchases made with your P-Card. It explains icons, and the required steps to submit purchases for approval to your manager.

Uploading Receipts:

This video walks through the process of uploading receipts from purchases made with your P-Card. It walks through the steps of using a scanner, phone, and other methods.


Expense Reports:

Expense reports are now to be done online, through IntelliLink. This video walks you through the three step process.