Explorations: Visual & Performing Arts Workshops

Visual & Performing Arts Workshops

Take the Stage: The ABC’s of Acting

Do you like to act? Do you want to perform? Then this is the workshop for you! Through unique and fun theatre games and activities, young actors will acquire valuable skills that boost confidence, encourage teamwork, and empower the imagination. Performers will learn about voice projection, stage movement, and character development through structured games and improvisation. The workshop will conclude with an imagination celebration where our actors can perform the skills they have learned for family and friends. No acting experience necessary. Come and take the stage with us!

Curtain Up! Spotlight On! Take the Stage! Everyday is a mixture of drama games, team building exercises, vocal warm-ups and performance skills. At the end of the workshop, we will show off our skills to family and friends in a staged production of The Selfish Giant. No prior experience necessary, the only limit is your imagination!

Welcome to the wondrous world of DIY Crafts where we design, build and take home everything we create. This is DIY Crafts with a TWIST! Each project shows our young artists how science, math and language arts are needed to create unique items that are both beautiful and useful. Our DIY birdhouse uses patterning to create a one-of-a-kind penny mosaic roof. On Stress Ball Day, we customize an adorable stress ball by investigating the texture and density of assorted fillings. Each project encourages our artists to design, engineer and experiment with a variety of materials and techniques. And create fabulous crafts!

Are you ready to step-up your DIY skills? Then DIY Designs is the challenge you are looking for! This workshop combines the creativity of an engineer with the aesthetic of an artist. Each unique project challenges our designers to use science, math and literacy to masterfully create high-quality crafts. Our No-Sew Knotted Pillow requires artists to use measurement and symmetry to create a snuggly pillow. Button Card Day invites artists to match design and message to create a one-of-a-kind stationary set. Go home each week with a beautiful creation that will make everyone ask, “How did you do that?”

Create a puppet, a rug, a pencil case, a potholder...The possibilities are endless when you have a loom. DIY: Weaving teaches young artists to hand loom their own designs and then transform them into incredible one-of-a-kind crafts. Students will explore elements of pattern making, color palettes, texture and balance while developing into a true artisan.

Do you love magic? Then come join us as we reveal a magician's secret every week. Magic tricks will include professional tricks that you get to take home, as well as everyday objects like cards, coins, rope and paper. Each trick will be performed and explained. At the last class, you will put on a magic show that will amaze and delight your friends and family.

Learn about artists who use abstraction to communicate their feelings and ideas. Students will explore Salvador Dali’s transformations of realistic figures, Charles Demuth’s precisionist style, and Georgia O’Keeffe’s nature abstractions. Other artists and projects include sculpting Rodin-esque clay figures, collaborating on creating historical murals based Diego Rivera and painting decadent deserts after learning about the modern painter Wayne Thiebaud.

Learn about how artists tell stories through art. Students learn to analyze clues in an artwork to interpret the message of the artist. They see how jagged lines can make a seascape threatening and how color can set the mood in a landscape. Students master techniques such as drawing contour figures, employing Georges Seurat-style pointillism, printing designs inspired by Polynesian tapa cloths and creating action drip paintings in the style of Jackson Pollock.

If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine what you can say with a paintbrush and a canvas! Learn techniques of painting with acrylics on your very own canvas. With some instruction, guidance and a lot of inspiration, you will be amazed at how easy and fun it is to create a masterpiece.

Create your very own comic book! We provide the cartooning instruction and you fill in the story, dialogue, and scenery.

Mosaics is a beautiful art form that goes back thousands of years. Paint and create your own tiles, add gemstones, shells, mirror fragments, glass tiles, and more to personalize your projects. Learn how to make designs and patterns. Instructors will incorporate fun facts in history, science, and nature as they relate to the students work. Projects may include tiled picture frames, patterned mirrors, peace signs, letters, boxes, and more. Repeat students are offered alternate projects.

The art of glass fusing is over 2,000 years old. Techniques were developed by the Egyptians and then the Romans. This interactive class teaches the foundations of glass fusing while exploring different techniques to create fun, colorful fused glass projects from opaque, transparent, and iridescent glasses. Learn about the other forms glass can take, from stringers, noodles, marbles, to liquid glass. All glass pieces will be kiln fired. Instructors will incorporate fun facts in history, science, and nature, as they relate to the students work. Some projects may include night lights, wind chimes, bowls, and jewelry.

This class is for kids who are eager to learn how to build and create their own clay art. Students will design wet clay, paint fired pieces, and add creative touches like beads to projects including wind chimes and peace signs. Other projects may include fossils, turtles, fish bowl with sea life, star and butterfly bowls and more. Instructors will incorporate fun facts in history, science, and nature as they relate to the students projects. Dress to make a mess and bring your imagination!!

So much slime...so little time. Make a different slime each week with a special surprise ingredient. One week your slime might be crunchy and another week it might be color-changing. You won't know what the surprise ingredient is that week until you get there! AlphaBEST Slime with blow your mind!