#PTchat: Twitter Resource for Parents and Teachers

ptchat for parents on Twitter

Sometimes a parent’s only communication with teachers are through notes sent home with students or infrequent parent-teacher┬áconferences and PTA/PTO meetings. The lack of communication between parents and teachers can have a negative effect on students’ education. The parent-teacher chat (#PTchat) on Twitter aims to act as the missing link by encouraging collaborative dialogue between parents and educators.

Every Wednesday night at 9pm, parents and teachers from all over the world log on to Twitter to participate in the #PTchat. They discuss parent-teacher issues, ways parents can become more involved in their child’s education and resources for parents and their families. Twitter users can join the chat by simply including #PTchat in their tweets. By following this hashtag, you can retweet or respond to other participants and contribute to the chat. You can keep up with past and upcoming parent-teacher chats here.

The #PTchat is also used to categorize content shared on Twitter aimed at both parents and teachers. For instance, if you would like to tweet “How parent involvement affects student achievement”┬áto your followers, include #PTchat in your tweet and any Twitter user searching for parent-teacher content will find your tweet.

Not a tweeter? You can check out the best parent-teacher resources shared on Twitter by checking out #PTchat Daily.

The #PTchat is a great way to stay involved and keep up with the latest news and information on parent-teacher issues.

Here are more great hashtags for parents and teachers:

Educational Twitter hashtags for parents and teachers

Simply enter the hashtag in Twitter’s search query and you’ll begin discovering great resources!

For more information on the #PTchat, click here.