The 4C’s: The Skill Set AlphaBEST’s Curriculum Is Built Upon

A few years ago, The Partnership for 21st Century Skills released a list of four skills they determined as being necessary for success (in college, career, and citizenship) for students today. AlphaBEST sees the critical importance of these skills, and so we’ve incorporated the 4C’s into our curriculum, ensuring that students will be given the chance to hone all four of these skills while they’re part of our programming.
The 4C’s are:

1. Communication – sharing thoughts, questions, ideas, and solutions
2. Collaboration – working together to reach a goal – putting talent, expertise, and smarts to work
3. Critical Thinking – looking at problems in a new way, linking learning across subjects and disciplines
4. Creativity – trying new approaches to get things done equals innovation and invention

After school is the ideal time to engage students in curriculum that is rich in the 4C’s, which is why AlphaBEST fosters these skills in all we do!