Why AlphaBEST?


We do things differently at AlphaBEST, with research-based curricula that have been carefully selected to supplement or align with your child's specific school day. We let our students bring their innate sense of curiosity to the forefront, and our staff of experienced educators are given every resource and advantage they need to ensure they can create enriching, wonder-filled environments. What's more, we work diligently with out school and parent partners to deliver a learning experience that exceeds everyone's needs and promotes a shared feeling of connection, trust and positive growth.

Our Mission

We engage children's minds and expand their horizons in safe and discovery-filled environments.

Our Vision

We will shape future generations of thoughtful, curious problem solvers and collaborators by showing them that learning can be fun, engaging and can happen anywhere.

Our Core Beliefs

We stand for the curious, and long may they explore! We believe in the power of wonder to connect us to a world of endless possibilities. We believe the world is a better place when we feel connected to it.

After school is where adventure begins!

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