Charles County MD

Welcome Charles County Families!

Registration for Fall 2019-2020 will open May 20th at 9:00 A.M.

Our Programs

AlphaBEST programs deliver a safe, exciting, enriching environment, including homework support, STEM, dramatic and visual arts, fitness, language and cultural discovery opportunities.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition payments are due every Monday through the online payment system, or by certified check or money order. No personal checks will be accepted. Punch Passes are non-refundable.

Family Handbook

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Tax Statements

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Local Contact Information

Maryland Office 301-632-6804      
Program Name Site Phone Number Area Manager Area Manager Email Area Manager Cell
Barnhart Elementary 301-632-5507 Paula Wade 240-682-5976
Berry Elementary 301-632-5326 Melissa Stokes 301-535-3446
Brown Elementary 301-632-6846 Shawnta Jones 240-210-5149
Craik Elementary 301-392-0040 Shawnta Jones 240-210-5149
Diggs Elementary 301-374-2537 Shawnta Jones 240-210-5149
Dr. Mudd Elementary 301-632-6842 Paula Wade 240-682-5976
Eva Turner Elementary 301-632-5820 Paula Wade 240-682-5976
Gale-Bailey Elementary 301-743-6649 Melissa Stokes 301-535-3446
Higdon Elementary 301-259-0176 Melissa Stokes 301-535-3446
Indian Head Elementary 301-743-5584 Melissa Stokes 301-535-3446
JC Parks Elementary 301-375-7045 Shawnta Jones 240-210-5149
Jenifer Elementary 301-632-5537 Shawnta Jones 240-210-5149
JP Ryon 301-632-5183 Paula Wade 240-682-5976
Malcolm Elementary 301-632-5085 Shawnta Jones 240-210-5149
Mary Burgess Neal Elementary 301-374-9316 Shawnta Jones 240-210-5149
Matula Elementary 301-392-0088 Paula Wade 240-682-5976
Middleton Elementary 301-632-2192 Paula Wade 240-682-5976
Mitchell Elementary 301-539-4054 Paula Wade 240-682-5976
Mt. Hope Elementary 301-246-4487 Melissa Stokes 301-535-3446
Port Tobacco 301-934-0104 Melissa Stokes 301-535-3446
TC Martin 301-274-3310 Shawnta Jones 240-210-5149
Wade Elementary 301-632-5847 Paula Wade 240-682-5976