Meet the AlphaBEST Leadership Team.

Dedicated to consistent curiosity

AlphaBEST is led by a talented group of educational experts who have never lost their love of imagination, and they work to instill that same sense of ongoing wonder in our little explorers. Just like you, our leadership team is composed of working parents who understand the inherent value of thoughtful and effective after school solutions that deliver much more than dependable childcare.

Their goal: to shape future generations of kind, curious-minded collaborators who l eave our program with a lifelong love of learning.

Senior Leadership Team:

Judy Nee – Chief Executive Officer

With more than 20 years of experience in the after school field, Judy has served as President and CEO of the National AfterSchool Association, and she has been recognized as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Leaders in After School. As she works to expand young minds across the nation, she often thinks back to her time as president of her local 4H club when she was growing up — one of her favorite after school activities.

Dawn Hosni – Chief Business Development Officer

For nearly 20 years, Dawn has worked tirelessly in the pursuit of delivering creativity-based, expanded learning opportunities to students in after school and summer programs. Dawn was once a VP at the National Inventors Hall of Fame’s “Camp Invention” program, and the love she developed for engaging, creative children’s programs is a perfect fit at AlphaBEST.

Brian Heaton – Chief Operating Officer

Brian has lent his talents to education since his first career as a kindergarten teacher nearly 18 years ago, working to deliver a quality, immersive education for growing young minds. Add to that his talent with design and photography, as well as a deep understanding of technology, and it didn’t take Brian long to make his way to Kaplan Early Learning, then eventually AlphaBEST.

Mark Kaplan – In-House Counsel

Mark takes his position with AlphaBEST very seriously, and we’re glad he does. His previous experience in risk management translates perfectly into his day-to-day responsibilities, where he works to ensure the students and staff in our care receive the highest standards of safety and wellbeing. Mark also helps facilitate our partnerships with schools and school districts, helping AlphaBEST stand out as a reliable partner. When Mark’s not on the job, you can find him spending time with his wife and daughter.

Karen Caines – Chief People Officer

We feel very fortunate to have someone like Karen on the AlphaBEST team. Prior to helping us build and maintain a positive, engaging culture within our own walls, Karen used her talents for more than 20 years at Goodwill Industries of Northwest NC. When Karen isn’t busy implementing HR systems like talent acquisition, team performance, retention and more, she can be found serving and singing for her church.

Melissa Moreano – Chief Financial Officer

Melissa is a long-time alumnus of AlphaBEST, having been with us since our company was founded. And as someone who knows everything about the way our company works, inside and out, we’re thrilled to have her tracking our financial movements and handling our fiscal planning. She loves the full breadth of AlphaBEST’s services, from the programs located furthest away from our headquarters to those in her own backyard, and she works diligently to ensure they have all the support they need.

Regional Leadership Team:

Kim Jennings – Director of Regional Operations, Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Kim has spent more than 22 years working with and for out-of-school programs, for nonprofit and for-profit organizations alike, making her an ideal fit for the AlphaBEST team. When she’s not overseeing the operations for the eight school systems she’s assigned to in Maryland and Rhode Island, you can find her cheering her children on at their sporting events.

Jessica Shillingburg – Regional Director, Prince William County, VA

Every dependable, Jessica has 16 years of experience in childcare, and she’s held a wide variety of positions at AlphaBEST. These days, as our Regional Director, Jessica spends most of her time partnering with schools and families to ensure children’s minds are engaged, their horizons are expanded, and that parents get the sense of security they need. When the school years is over, there’s nothing Jessica likes more than spending her days at the beach.

Lavina Harrod – Regional Director, Prince George’s County, MD

Lavina is passionate about childcare, and her dedication to her 20-year career is obvious in everything she does. She constantly advocates on behalf of the early childhood learning sector, working to ensure every child has an opportunity to grow and thrive inside of quality, equitable after school programs. When she’s not giving AlphaBEST her all, she spends as much time as possible with friends and family.

David McClure – Director of Regional Operations, Arizona, Colorado & Oregon

David comes to AlphaBEST with more than 15 years’ worth of experience in the after school sector. Prior to joining our team, David was both program director and senior program director at the YMCA, then he quickly rose through the management ranks at AlphaBEST. When David isn’t busy ensuring children have high-quality, experiential learning environments, he can be found spending quality time with his family.

Jennifer Fortune – Director of Regional Operations, Texas

Jennifer possesses a lifelong commitment to education, and is thankful for the exceptional leaders who’ve helped her grow into the person she is today. She works hard in her daily life to ensure students and staff get the support and encouragement they need to do great things. Jennifer comes to AlphaBEST with a wide variety of field experience, and when she’s off the clock, you can find her enjoying time with her family and dog.

Nicole White – Director of Regional Operations, Alabama, Mississippi & South Carolina

Nicole brings to AlphaBEST a palpable sense of enthusiasm that she injects into everything she does. Her ultimate goal is to be the person she wished she had in her life when she was younger. Prior to her current position, Nicole has held several positions at AlphaBEST with increasingly important responsibilities. When she’s not enriching young minds, she enjoys travel and curling up with a good book.