When the last bell rings, wonder takes flight.

AlphaBEST Extended Day is so much more than a by-the-books after school program. Our talented staff absolutely facilitates the daily need for assigned homework to be completed, but that’s where the traditional instruction ends.

We introduce our little explorers to the joy and excitement of experiential learning. Through our innovative curriculum, we enable kids to tap into their innate senses of wonder and curiosity to connect with what interests them most. Kids get to explore STEM, language and culture, arts, fitness and more.

Currently, AlphaBEST Extended Day engages the minds of more than 25,000 students across 17 states on a daily basis in safe, familiar environments: their schools.

At AlphaBEST Extended Day, our students:

  • Are introduced to cutting-edge learning zones
  • Are given homework assistance
  • Are allowed unstructured playtime to help get the energy out
  • Are provided with a healthy snack
  • Get to stay in their school building
  • Have fun!

AlphaBEST Extended Day Core Expeditions


World Languages & Cultures

Fitness & Wellness

Arts & Entertainment


Personal Skill Building

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