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When school is out, adventure is on!

Before school, after school and all summer long, AlphaBEST provides a safe, curiosity-filled space where students get to tap into exciting, experiential learning — right in your school! Built around an expertly curated curriculum, our innovative program taps into children’s innate sense of wonder, helping to connect each student to the world around them.

Discover enrichment, wonder and connection with AlphaBEST.

AlphaBEST is an innovative after school solutions provider. You see, we’ve never forgotten the joy that comes from a child’s innate sense of curiosity, and we pour that feeling into everything we do in our licensed before school, after school and summer programs.

We customize our programs to fit the specific needs of each district in which we operate, ensuring students receive the flexibility they need to thrive.

We put wonder into the world, and we can bring it directly to your schools!

  • More than just trusted childcare, AlphaBEST partners with content experts to deliver curiosity-filled learning environments where students are encouraged to use their imaginations as they explore the world around them.
  • Before school, after school and all summer long, we guide students through smart, engaging experiences in STEM, World Culture & Languages, Fitness & Wellness, Arts & Entertainment and Maker, all in the comfortable, familiar surroundings of their school.
  • What’s more, we handle the staffing and management of the program, leaving you to attend to the pressing needs of your district.

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