After School Appreciation Spotlights

Honoring Our Team During After School Appreciation Week

In honor of After School Professionals Appreciation Week, AlphaBEST Education would like to thank all of those who are dedicated to providing quality after school programs to students across the nation. We’ve selected several of our team members to spotlight for  exemplifying the AlphaBEST core values. We appreciate you!


Sara Brelsford

Sara always puts her students first. Being with her students is where her heart is and drives what she does each day. She values connections with every member of our team and those she interacts with daily. Sara is driven by innovation, embracing change not only for herself but her team members and students. She is the absolute best at what she does, hands down and therefore we are the best at what we do. Every day Sara leads with a yes mindset. I am certain, we have most certainly challenged her to venture to many places outside of her own comfort zone and she has triumphed in those challenges using them to teach others. Finally, she has fun. Her enthusiasm shines and our students and team benefit from that light. You could not ask for a better example of what we aim to be each day, living our AlphaBEST core values, than Sara.

By Jenny Mutter, New England Region


Aaron Martin: Aaron exemplifies the core values on a daily basis in his program and with his staff and parents. He values connection in multiple areas of the program, but his connection with the staff of the school is paramount. Aaron has created a positive environment for collaboration between the school staff and AlphaBEST staff. Aaron is always willing to take on new staff and train them to become successful zone leaders across the district. Due to Aaron’s detailed training, Boals is one of our training sites in Frisco. He has streamlined his daily checklists and “to do” notes by being innovative and creative. The site always has a feeling of positivity and fun and I think the parents feel it when they come in to pick up their kids! Aaron brings such an energetic, positive vibe to AlphaBEST at Boals! Since he has seen the programs in different roles, he brings a variety of ideas and viewpoints that are all amazing!

By Stephanie Ashlock, Frisco, TX


Naseema Mohedin

Naseema creates and fosters excellent relationships with her students and families in a kind and caring way. She makes sure that all her children have access to every resource available to them. She saw a need for a dental health program and had toothbrushes and toothpaste donated to her program. Naseema makes sure that her students brush their teeth after snacks. She created a resource wall at her program to help children with homework, remember what they have learned during zone time, and has behavior and kindness reminders. She has incorporated journaling into her daily schedule, and her students use “Love Journals” to express their feelings with a positive twist. The love, dedication and connections that Naseema has with her families exemplifies our AlphaBEST Core Values.

By Laura Taylor, Kenton, KY


Denise DiNapoli

Denise has worked for AlphaBEST since August 2017. From day one, she has exemplified our Core Values! Each day she welcomes the children with a warm smile and a positive attitude. She is always up for the many challenges that come her way! She leads with a “YES” mindset in all that she does. Denise naturally forms great relationships with everyone around her. Thank you for all you do, Denise!

By Jeanette Rysdeck, New Jersey


Bethany Reynolds: Bethany has gone above & beyond to make sure that AlphaBEST in MS was a success this year!  Working in ALL roles she has often juggled her personal schedule to put the students of AlphaBEST first, often filling in were needed to make sure sites are always in ratio. As a Program Specialist she leads with a YES mindset working daily to make sure that the Zone Leaders understands the curriculum and models for them to ensure that it is delivered properly. Bethany values connections as she often works with school administrators and area managers to ensure we meet deadlines to get things done and delivered.

By Nicole, Gulfport, MS


VanaQue’a Birkett

VanaQue’a is the Site Director of Victory Elementary. She exemplifies so many of our Core Values. She is the BEST at what we do, puts children first, makes it right, and leads with a “yes” mindset. She lives these values every day and it is evident in her program!

By Laura Brindle, Virginia


Brenda Roque

Brenda is the assistant Site Director at Taylor Elementary in Frisco, Texas. She always has a smile on her face. She has an upbeat and positive personality! The kids love Ms. Brenda.  She exemplifies the core values by “putting children first” and always having a “yes” mindset”, especially when asked to sub at other sites. Thank you, Brenda, for being the “best” at what we do!

By Dave, Frisco, TX


Torrie Adney: Torrie is the embodiment of professionalism. She continues to bring her best to the program day after day. Ms. Torrie values connections with all her students, families and school personnel at Mt. Hope Elementary in Charles County. She keeps the students engaged by having fun and maintaining a program that is driven by innovation. We greatly appreciate Ms. Torrie for continuing to put all children first.

By Paula Wade, Charles Co., MD


Brian Barbee: Mr. Brian Barbee is a true example of excellence! He constantly goes above and beyond all that is asked of him! He represents AlphaBEST in a professional manner and enjoys doing so. I have been consistently impressed with his attitude and leadership as a zone leader. He leads by example and gives that extra hand in all situations. When it comes to interactions with the students, they absolutely love him. He is always engaged and having fun no matter if it is teaching his lessons or simply playing and enjoying a game of Connect 4. This is someone who gets the job done without asking. He takes on a challenge and finds a positive out of it with his gentle approach. He values connections, not only with his students but with his team, parents and school personnel. He builds relationships on trust, connection, and his word. This is someone who takes pride in their job and lives out the core values on a daily basis.

By Teelah Rhodes, Bryan, TX


Ashley Dragalzew

Ashley is a phenomenal employee. She always has the “yes” mindset. Ashley will always step up and do anything that is asked of her. She took a school that was struggling and turned it around, and now this school is one of the BEST programs. Ashley always goes above and beyond!

By Denise DeBaugh, Texas