District Feature – Frisco, Texas

Back in 2002, when AlphaBEST was still a startup company, they made a presentation to Frisco ISD’s selection committee and sold the district on the idea of taking a risk with a new company. When the partnership was formed between Frisco ISD and AlphaBEST, there were three elementary campuses with AlphaBEST programming. Today, Frisco ISD boasts an impressive 42 campuses.


“Denise DeBaugh was a major selling-point and one of the main reasons the district chose AlphaBEST, since she had done such great work on behalf of previous contractors,” said Sally Turner, Special Projects Coordinator, Frisco ISD. “AlphaBEST has grown right alongside us every step of the way—meeting ever-changing demands of demographics, from parents and the various campuses.”


Frisco is one of the fastest growing school districts in Texas and one of the top five fastest growing cities in the country, with Fortune naming the city the No. 1 place to live in 2019.


“The progressive attitude of our city and school district leaders have attracted business, industry and major league sports teams to move to our city,” said Turner. “One of the major reasons people move to Frisco is for the quality of the schools. Having reliable, safe, purposeful after school child care is a must for a city and school district like ours.”


Turner added that Frisco ISD places a high priority and premium on their partnership with AlphaBEST and have never been disappointed.


“AlphaBEST provides consistent quality care for the children of Frisco ISD,” said Turner. “They’ve continued to grow and refine their processes and curriculum standards.”


Turner says she never worries about problems festering and becoming bigger problems with AlphaBEST, noting that all elements of the program are always handled swiftly and precisely.


“I hope our partnership with AlphaBEST continues for many years to come,” said Turner. “I have not seen any other company or product that comes close to meeting the high standard of care that AlphaBEST has created for the children of Frisco ISD.”


AlphaBEST offers school administrators and parents peace of mind, Turner emphasizes.


“I don’t think many districts have experienced the consistent quality and purposefulness of care that AlphaBEST provides for its children in the critical after school hours.”