Northwest TX

Welcome Northwest ISD Families!

Our Programs

AlphaBEST programs deliver a safe, exciting, enriching environment, including homework support, STEM, dramatic and visual arts, fitness, language and cultural discovery opportunities.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition payments are due every Monday through the online payment system, or by certified check or money order. No personal checks will be accepted. Punch Passes are non-refundable.

Family Handbook

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Tax Statements

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Local Contact Information

Texas Office 972-668-0640
Program Site Phone Area Manager Area Manager Email Area Manager Cell
Beck Elementary 940-205-8312 Megan Dirkes 214-558-1153
Clara Love Elementary 940-231-3274 Lindsey Reeves 214-551-4601
Cox Elementary 940-231-3480 Megan Dirkes 214-558-1153
Curtis Elementary 972-439-7638 Sara Cotton 972-837-3674
Kay Granger Elementary 940-205-9316 Sara Cotton 972-837-3674
Haslet Elementary 940-218-0109 Sara Cotton 972-837-3674
Hatfield Elementary 940-268-8539 Megan Dirkes 214-558-1153
Hughes Elementary 940-205-6858 Megan Dirkes 214-558-1153
Justin Elementary 940-222-9003 Megan Dirkes 214-558-1153
Lakeview Elementary 940-208-7885 Megan Dirkes 214-558-1153
Nance Elementary 940-218-0688 Lindsey Reeves 214-551-4601
Peterson  Elementary 940-268-7041 Sara Cotton 972-837-3674
Prairie View Elementary 940-230-6932 Lindsey Reeves 214-551-4601
Roanoke Elementary 940-222-0395 Megan Dirkes 214-558-1153
Schluter Elementary 940-205-2891 Lindsey Reeves 214-551-4601
Sendera Ranch Elementary 940-208-9203 Lindsey Reeves 214-551-4601
Seven Hills Elementary 972-632-8815 Lindsey Reeves 214-551-4601
Thompson Elementary 940-208-9532 Lindsey Reeves 214-551-4601