At AlphaBEST summer camp, the theme is always fun!

Join us for a multi-week, full-day camp that takes your child on adventures and keeps them learning while having a blast throughout. We take weekly field trips, follow an exciting theme each summer, and help children combat the summer slide so their return to school in the fall is much more seamless. You can sign up for just one week, a handful of weeks, or be part of the fun all summer long!

This year, children joined the AlphaSQUAD to go on an AlphaQUEST and experienced adventures beyond the boundaries of their imagination!

Experiment with robots, investigate chemical reactions, get active playing games, and more

Explore imaginary worlds through crafts, science, technology, fitness, and drama

Stretch their imaginations as far as they'll go!

Please visit your school district's specific page for details on summer camp, including pricing and enrollment information.
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