AlphaBEST and FableVision have teamed up to present the "Going Places” Summer Camp based on the award-winning book by Peter H. and Paul A. Reynolds.

Inspired by the lessons they learned in the book, characters Maya and Rafael create their own Going Places Creative Problem-Solving Agency. Each week, campers tackle new problems and create solutions using engineering concepts, technology, science, art, drama, and physical activity games!  All solutions are welcome at Going Places Summer Camp… the more creative the better!

The Going Places Summer Camp uses the power of storytelling and hands-on STEAM learning to help cultivate creative problem-solvers and foster critical 21st-century skills - including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.



From the book Going Places. Text © 2014 by Peter H. Reynolds and Paul A. Reynolds.

Illustrations © 2014 by Peter H. Reynolds. Used with the permission of Pippin Properties, Inc.

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